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Hello, my name is Joey Esposito, and welcome to nfldraftscouting.com. This website was launched in an attempt to better my own and the NFL Draft community’s football knowledge, with continual improvement being the goal. As we all know, the draft is an imperfect science where even the best and most respected names, such as Ozzie Newsome and Bill Belichick, miss on at least 50% of their picks. There is still a ton for all to learn, and there will be plenty bumps along the road. While we all have different football philosophies on just about everything, it doesn’t mean one is more valid than the other, and just because of a disagreement doesn’t mean someone else’s thoughts aren’t well thought out and respectable. If anything, different perspectives should make us think, grow, and learn. I hope to learn just as much from readers as you guys do from me, so please feel free to comment or email me with any questions regarding anything.

For a bit about myself, I am 19 years old and currently a full-time college student. Ever since I can remember, I have been the most loyal and critical Buffalo Bills fan there is. Finally, this past year, the Bills snapped their postseason drought, marking the first time I was able to watch a playoff game of my favorite team, as I was born a month after the Music City Miracle. For as long as I’ve loved team sports, my favorite aspect has always been team building. Finding the right players to maximize potential and field a team superior to anyone else’s has always been appealing, and has been something I’ve tried to do since a young age. For example, my final Junior High English project was to write scouting reports for all players that went in the first round of the draft. Since then, mainly starting with the 2014 NFL Draft, I’ve watched countless hours worth of prospects for my own personal enjoyment.

While I’m not sure exactly what will be on this website, I have a basic outline of what I want to provide. The prospect tab will be a list of prospects eligible for the draft with links to all their game tape on YouTube. Using those videos, prospects with at least 3 games in their final college season will have reports and grades available on the reports tab. This will lead to rankings for every graded prospect under rankings. The rating scale I use is the 4.00-9.00 scale that is also used by Matt Miller of Bleacher Report. As far as mock drafts, I’m not sure how many I will provide each draft cycle, but for now plan on at least 1 each month from January-April, with maybe a couple sprinkled in prior. Anything not under any of these categories but is still worth talking about and can be found in the latest news section at the bottom of the homepage or the bottom right of any other page.

Regarding the 2018 NFL Draft, I plan on releasing a 1 round mock draft Thursday morning. Furthermore, there will probably be a few blog posts from Sunday-Tuesday giving my thoughts on team’s drafts and my favorite/least favorite picks. After this, I will be building the database for the 2019 NFL Draft and finding as many games as possible to try to form this website into a 1 stop shop for draft info.

If there are any suggestions you think I should hear or you want to share your thoughts, please contact me through the contact form on the website or through my Twitter (@j_esposito4) or Instagram (@jesposi1). I am (almost) always open for debate and would love to talk football.

Thank you for visiting nfldraftscouting.com, I hope to hear from you all soon.

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